Hosting a Server urgently needs solid, well-connected public slave servers. We look for connections with moderate bandwith available -- slave servers should expect to sustain around 4.4Kbps of traffic and 3 requests per second, with much higher peaks. Total usage for slave servers is running around 12 gigabytes per month, and growing at about 50% per day.

We appreciate your interest in helping the network grow and your willingness to contribute to that process. Requests are distributed to slave servers in a round-robin fashion. Servers are maintained by the owner and operator of the host.

We will happily acknowledge your contribution publicly. Hosting candidates are reminded that the utility of any given server depends on ping latencies and other factors which may be beyond our control. Servers may need to be delinked at any time and we cannot always provide notice before a server is delinked.

Regardless, hosting a server helps the network and the community and we are grateful that you're considering it.

System Specification

The following table lists minimum system requirements, and, where applicable desired specifications.

Required Desired
Java5 or greater installed Java6
A servlet container such as Tomcat, Jetty, or Resin Jetty 6
Amazon AWS Account

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account slave servers access shared data using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) via a shared bucket. An Amazon AWS account is required. Signing up for an AWS account is free.

Other Requirements

We ask that:

Applying to Host a Server

Before applying to host a server, you may find it helpful to speak with network staff. Feel free to message's sponsor liaison, @mrblog with your questions. Regardless, the formal application process begins when you submit an email containing the following information to email address hosting at SuperTweet net:'s sponsor liaisons try to respond to all server application requests within two days. Please allow this time before chasing your application.
All applications will be given the same considerations and we regret that we may not always be able to accept a server offer for whatever reason.

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