How to Help

The API Proxy concept began as a solution suggested by the friendly @twitterapi team:

Why not have the controller proxy through a full-featured webserver that can oAuth in to Twitter?

John Kalucki
Infrastructure, Twitter Inc.

So that's exactly what we did. And then we decided we were not the only ones with this problem, so we created API Proxy service for anyone to use in their simple twitter apps.

You can help in several ways. You might consider donating to the project. Or you might want to host a server. You could consider getting involved with the community as a volunteer. Or you might simply help make more popular by:

If your apps make a high-volume of Twitter API requests, consider using a Stand-alone Proxy on your own machine instead of overloading the free API service.

Regardless, we value having you here, as a contributor or as a participant. Thank you for using!

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